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Kristin Barone (Piano), Linda Wetherill (Flute), Nicolas Chbat (Percussion)
Homayoon Beigi (Tar), Katayoun Moosazadeh (Voice), Paul Aljian (Tombak & Daf)

Noavaran Ensemble is a newly formed group of musicians (since 2009), trained in Persian classical and folk music. Noavaran is in search of new sounds through fusion with other world-wide styles of music as well as the application of polyphony to this traditional style of music. Although Persian classical music has been mostly performed in a monophonic structure, it enjoys plethora nuances and a rich soul. The first performance of the group was in March of 2010 at Adelphi University. This was a performance of a composition by renowned Iranian-American composer, Mr. Gregory H. Aslani, in conjunction with three accomplished contemporary musicians. This work is a fusion of Contemporary music with Persian Classical music. For more information about this piece, see the Beyond Solitude description.